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Kids and Teens Back To School Special!

kids muay thai

We are now accepting pre registrations for our Kids and Teens Muay Thai program. The first 50 new students to register will save big with our Back To School Special of $69 for 4 weeks. This Special includes all the gear, equipment and uniforms(Gloves, Muay Thai Shorts, Handwraps, Shinguards, Gym T-shirt and Drawstring bag) for them to start training and there are no additional fees. Memberships at our gym are unlimited so your kids and teens can come 6 days a week!

Our amazing kids and teens program is one of the most popular Kids Martial Arts programs in Nassau County. Long Island parents rave about our program! Kids Muay Thai is available for ages 4-10 years old, and our teens program is available for ages 11-15. Call or email us today to set your child up.


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