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Kids & Teens Open House at Both Locations: Saturday September 1st to September 8th

Good afternoon Rebel members! We are super excited to announce that we will be holding an open house for our Kids & Teens program. The open house is completely free and open to Kids 4-8 years old and teens 9-14 years old.

We are running the open house in conjunction with the relaunching of our Kids and Teens program. This program has been put together by our in house industry experts in the Child Youth Development field and focuses on developing our younger members by boosting their confidence, helping them pay attention in school and becoming positive influences in our community. Our new program will reward and entice our members to become better students through education and encouraging our members to get good grades in school.

The Back 2 school special will include a free gear package, free uniform and a 10 step guide on how to pay more attention in school and a few other workbooks to help parents keep their kids on the right path. All of this for only $79.99 for the first month.

If you're interested in having your child participate in the free open house or want them to signup for the special Kindly email us at or you can join one of our private facebook group pages here:

Nassau parents click here: https: //

Suffolk parents click here:

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