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Corona Virus Update

As the Corona Virus (COVID-19) begins to have an increased impact in our area, we feel it’s important to share more about the steps we are taking here at the gym to keep our Students, Employees and our Community safe and healthy.

First and foremost, we are proactively staying informed of the developments surrounding this issue by monitoring the daily guidance and travel advisories of the CDC, PHAC and WHO, along with information made available from the Nassau and Suffolk Board of Health and other local and state government health agencies. Additionally, we are in frequent communication with our industry peers in order to share best practices to keep the gym safe.

Our gyms are cleaned and sanitized daily as a part of our normal course of business. Over the past few weeks, we have increased the frequency and extent of those cleanings, in addition to adding resources like hand sanitizer dispensers throughout the public space, as well as in our back offices for employee usage. We will be ending classes 5-10 minutes early to pay special attention to high contact touch points, such as door handles, counters, chairs, pads and all other exercise equipment to disinfect. These protocols also include guidance on personal hygiene and cleanliness, which we know is top of mind for our students.

Our policy with our staff has always been to stay at home if you are sick. We are vigilant about this and screen our staff upon entering the gym each day as well at pre-shift meetings that occur daily.

Our team is also vigilant about reporting to management any students that are observed as ill so that we may follow up with the student and inquire of their circumstance in order to provide support or if symptoms are concerning, contact Nassau and/or Suffolk County Board of Health for guidance. Based on the guidance we have received from various health agencies, our own preparedness and the current state of our operations, we are confident that our gyms continue to be safe.

Thank you for your loyalty and continued support.


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