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Coach/Fighter - David Martinez

David Martinez is the head Strength & Conditioning Coach at Rebel Thai Boxing.  Coach David possesses 25 + years of Martial Arts and Fitness experience, which began with Tae Kwon Do at age 11.  His passion for martial arts and physical fitness led him to the study and certification in all facets of fitness training.  Over the past 10 years Coach David obtained a multitude of certification in all aspects of fitness training, including Personal Training from Hofstra University, Kettlebell Certifications from the highly recognized RKC, AKC and WKC organizations, TRX Certification, and the extremely intense and rare Circular Strength Training certification from Scott Sonnon.  He has applied his knowledge and expertise to building the Strength & Conditioning programs for students of all levels at Rebel Thai Boxing.  His highly popular Strength & Conditioning are open to students of all ages and experience. David is also the head nutritional expert for the Rebel Fight Team, of which he is an active member having recently fought at Warriors Cup and in the WKA National Tournament.  Coach David brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the gym that is hard to find anywhere else! 
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