Strength & Conditioning

Rebel Thai Boxing's group fitness training program is a dynamic and challenging total body workout. Their professional and highly qualified trainers incorporate resistance equipment, dumbbells, kettlebells, TRX suspension, clubbells, sandbags, barbells and bodyweight exercises into each 50 minute session.

The Rebel Thai Boxing method is a total body experience, formulated to keep you moving, sweating and burning calories at an insane rate. Each session begins with joint mobility movements designed to increase core temperature, lubricate the joints and stretch the muscles. From there, you move into the cardio stage, where you will spend upwards of 20 minutes building the body towards an anaerobic state and burning major calories. The final sequence is strength training, which is where the trainers utilize their own style and creativity. This sequence may be HIIT based or circuit based. It could be bodyweight one day or traditional style weight lifting the next. Rebel Thai Boxing leaves it in the very capable hands of their coaches.

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