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Kids & Teens Muay Thai

Muay Thai Kickboxing Thai Boxing Kids Schools Gyms Long Island

At Rebel Thaiboxing we offer a comprehensive Kids & Teens Martial Arts program for ages 4-10 and Teens ages 11-15, with classes being offered everyday – 6 days a week. Our coaching staff is focused on bringing out the best in each and every student, and our classes offer many benefits including:

  • Increased self confidence: As students enrolled in our Martial Arts Thai Boxing program progress and learn new skills, they gain the self confidence to make them champions not only here but in all aspects of their life.

  • Improved strength and fitness: Our rigorous Kids & Teens Martial Arts program requires each student to push themselves to achieve their maximum potential. Everyone of our students, from the youngest to the oldest, will gain not only martial art skills, but an increased cardio vascular ability, increased strength, heightened concentration and improved focus.

  • Enhanced self esteem: Whether it is by performing Muay Thai techniques with the class, individually in front of the coaches, during a level promotion test, or at a competition, all of our students’ will reap the self esteem improving benefits of martial arts. Our Kids & Teens Martial Arts students develop into calm, self assured young people, quietly confident in themselves.

  • Greater discipline and respect: Rebel Thai boxing is demanding, and requires discipline and respect for the school, the coaches, the fellow students and their families. Our coaching staff consistently instills these values in all of our students, making them into leaders so that they can in turn spread these principles in all walks of their life.

Our Kids & Teens Martial Arts program is great for all children, with particular benefits to children who may need extra activity, are overweight, are victims of bullying, need to improve focus and attention, want to compete in a physical sport, love martial arts, or just want to get the most out of life.  Checkout our gym in Long Island. 

Muay Thai Kickboxing Thai Boxing Kids Schools Gyms Long Island
Muay Thai Kickboxing Thai Boxing Kids Schools Gyms Long Island
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