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Head Coach - Eddie Cuello

The Rebel Thai boxing program and curriculum was developed by Eddie Cuello. Eddie served four and a half years in the Marine Corps as a Sergeant and a Sniper Team Leader with one tour in Afghanistan. Eddie received an Honorable discharge in 2003. Eddie has trained and fought under several gyms in the US and Thailand including, Sitan Gym, Sitsongpeenong Bangkok, Sitsongpeenong Phuket, Sitjaopho Muay Thai Hua Hin, Hongthong Muay Thai Chiang Mai. Eddie has trained countless professional and amateur Champion Muay Thai fighters at the highest level of competition. Eddie is also a certified Referee, Judge and Official under several sanctioning bodies in the US. Eddie together with Mike Gasparski currently run and operate Triumph Kombat which hosts Muay Thai events at Madison Square Garden. Eddie is also a Managing Partner of Muay Thai Gear, Equipment and lifestyle brand InFightStyle
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